Plan of Conservation and Development Kicks Off!

November 2017 – The Town of Chester Planning and Zoning Commission is preparing an update to the Plan of Conservation and Development, or POCD. The POCD is a guidance document that will provide a long term vision for the Town of Chester and guide decision making relating to growth, development, conservation, and capital improvements over the next decade. The State of Connecticut requires municipalities to update their POCD every ten years.

As a comprehensive plan, the POCD will look at a range of topics that will influence the Town over the coming decade, including demographics, housing, land use, community facilities, economic development, open space, recreation, transportation, and sustainability. While it is important to understand data and trends, it is equally important to understand the priorities of the community. There are several ways for the public to get involved. A community survey will be launched in November of 2017. The public can also provide feedback at a public workshops which will be held throughout the POCD update process. The feedback received from the survey and workshops will shape the goals, objectives, recommendations, and actions of the final document.