Planning Task Force

The Planning Task Force is an ad hoc group currently being formed to establish the vision, objectives and priorities of the community based on data analysis and public input from surveys, workshops and focus groups. The Task Force consists of representatives from a wide group of governmental and community organizations in order to conduct an inclusive planning process. Membership is being sought from:

  • Board of Selectmen
  • Board of Finance
  • Board of Education
  • Planning and Zoning
  • Economic Development Commission
  • Conservation Commission
  • Inland Wetlands Commission
  • Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Water Pollution Control Authority
  • Harbor Management Commission
  • Cedar Lake Watershed Commission
  • Chester Hose Company
  • Chester Merchants Association
  • Chester Historical Society
  • Chester Land Trust
  • Chester Library Board of Trustees
  • Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce

Meeting Schedule